I’m just a guy who grew up with a father who loved taking pictures. I am self taught……a little frayed around the “edges”…….and honestly just an amateur…..I simply appreciate a good picture….

As a visual person, images have always had an impact on me. How a particular picture reflects conflict and tension, the “edges” of our existence; whether it be that of emotion, actions, or simply metaphors in which we are drawn to ponder our own place in time

WebGregor Photography is my blog exhibiting images that I have photographed over the course of my life. I started taking pictures as a young child with my Brownie camera, after my father Norm Weber, had purchased my first camera so that we might share his joy of photography. He had been exposed to “picture taking” by his parents, and later became a professional photographer’s assistant working in a studio in Chicago.

He eventually left his job as a photographer’s assistant and joined in our family’s business, but never lost the passion for taking pictures. I remember my father always having a camera in his car, at family functions and parties, he was always the “camera man”. He chronicled my life from birth until the he died.

In 1978 I purchased my first 35mm camera, an Olympus OM-1. Many of the images that I am currently working on, were shot with that camera and have been scanned and converted to digital images. In 2004 I purchase my first Digital camera, a Nikon D-70. Today I use a Nikon D-90. I occasionally still shoot some film and would love to find a reason in this world of “immediate response and expectations”, to pick up my Nikon F100 and create some images the old way, not feeling compelled to convert them to a digital image, and cherish the process of creating an image that holds with traditional photographic processing and results. I guess as a guy who grew up in the 60′s…..the sound of vinyl still echos in me……..much like gazing at a image printed on real paper, shot…….not “captured” on my favorite Tri-x film.

That said, I now shoot digital and the bulk of what I do going forward and the images I post, will be that……I hope you enjoy this place, engage as you like, post your comments, and share my images if they move you.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for visiting and following. I am an amateur but love photography. Really enjoyed looking at you photos. Skid row shots were amazing and I always enjoy seeing Door County as I was born but not raised there. Will follow your journey.

  2. Hi Greg- Thank you for following my photography blog– much appreciated and I hope you are inspired. Love your work and was just enjoying your bridge images and train stations. Will look forward to seeing more.

  3. Thanks ado much for visiting my blog, liking several posts and following! I appreciate all! I look forward to seeing your work. I really enjoyed your “about” page! Blessings, Robyn

    1. Robyn, Thank you for following me as well. Your work touches me deeply. I must dig deeper into your images, but savoring them slowly a few at a time has been magical…..your flower series has once again awoken me to the beauty of a simple bloom……and your black and whites have given me pause on a human level….I look forward to see more…..*smile*

  4. Greg, this is amazing. You really have the eye for a good photo. Keep up the good work and I will keep checking one you.

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